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美国歌曲伴随天宫一号发射 引发美网民热议

论坛出处:西陆中国军事 作者:耕叟 时间:2011-10-02 02:12:16


In Mandarin the names of foreign countries end in the word 'gwa'. France, for example, is Fa Gwa. They adapt how it sounds to their ear. But America is 'Mei Gwa' which means "BeautifulLand'. The Chinese have always viewed America as special. It is sad that Americans have become so anti-Chinese. The opportunity exists to make friends instead of adversaries. "America the Beautiful' is a literal translation and, hey, it's a heck of a song
在普通话中外国的名称以“国”【译注:他写的是gwa瓜】字结尾。比如法国,就是“法瓜”。他们以这些国名象声。其中美国“美瓜”的意思是美丽的地方。中国一直将美国视为特别的存在。可悲的是,美国人已经变得如此反华,而交朋友而不是互相为敌的机会本来是有的。<america the beautiful>只是字面上的翻译,而且,这首歌真见鬼。
china is the next great power in the world even they know our politicans let this once great country fall. the song is a snub and was ment to rub in the fact that as our space program has died theirs is taking off---- see ya america you blew it by letting idiots the country !
The best possible answer was that some State-owned composer stole the song and nobody else in the government realized what it was. They would never play it if they knew the tittle of the song. Somebody will be re-educated soon.:-)
China sucks there allready becoming the new global bully, for example warning the U.S and India aswell as other countries on the #$%$ claims.
Probably because of stolen US technology ...
That would be the work of some 23 year old tech assistant at the stations that was told to download something off the internet....after he go done watching Top Gun.
Maybe they played it by mistake, maybe it was to honor our space achievements, maybe it is to poke fun at us, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, while most all of you have lost sight of the most important, ----------- they are building a long term viable presence in space, something we're pulling back from.
Stole the song along with the technology
That's right China. You bettter give some credit where its due!
They just took a pees on us go tea party and wreck the economy so you can let china take control and have a black man replaced whoo haa
. ..imitation is one of the most sincere forms of flattery- perhaps?
I have no doubt that China is well aware of what the words to that song are. They only played the tune, may of made up their own words to sing to it as the rocket went up.
Their god is Buddah. Maybe they put a statue of Buddah in the space station. Could be they are trying to tell us that their god Buddah will shed his grace on the USA.

They own the copyright.
It's fitting because they did it using US technology sold to them by the traitor and former president Bill Clinton....
这很合适,因为他们用的美国技术,正是前总统兼美奸比尔.克林顿 卖给他们的。
Maybe because it is a beautiful melody, maybe as a tribute, maybe to mock, or maybe an unintended mistake. Who knows but there is no doubt China is now capable of going into space and will one day land on the moon and that should not be a concern. They will quickly learn that space and the military will empty the bank and they will become like the rest, broke.

that’s so funny!
Just a little shot at us. It's our money that funded the launch. Their way of saying "Thanks for the dough suckers"
Made in China, paid for in America. Um, well, assuming the Chinesse could actually buy Chinesse made good in China with American made money.
no words were played so what? the star spangled banner tune is from an old irish drinking song
ha ha, thats funny, they know many americans cant stand to see any other country succeed in anything, most americans think they are such hot #$%$
We all love "Chinese" food - maybe they like American ballads.
Since the Chinese likely bought or stole most of their space technology from NASA, the US armed forces, and the US military-industrial complex I think the choice of song was quite fitting.
鉴于中国或买或偷 NASA的空间技术、美国的军事力量、美国的军工业体系。我想这首歌选得很好。
They mock the US you fools.
because China OWNS US. but, yet. China is in awe of America. and wants to be like US
I'm pretty sure they know the origins of that song. They played "Amazing Grace" the other night too. How rad[ical].
我很确定他们知道歌的来源。他们在另外一天晚上还放了“amazing grace”。他们真是太激进了
The Chinese government is trying to promote their massive investment portfolios in America by playing "America the Beautiful". It's like if you owned a chain of convenience buy Superbowl airtime to sell your products/business. The Chinese government is just using their marketing skills to promote their American investment portfolio. One of the worst things that could happen to China is the destruction of the American economy etc...but I guess China could always increase trade with Russia, which is rapidly becoming one of the wealthier nations on earth...and they're right next door, China won't have to spend all that money on ship and jet fuel if they're sending their products to Russia. Just truck all that stuff right over the northern border......just drive right in like you own the place.
Unacceptable... We need to reindustrialize our great country
The Idiots who have posted commits making lite about the Active Chinese Space Program, Obviously fail to understand its far reaching consequences. Again the stupidity of our fellow citizens and their conservative philosophy.
Like ancient Rome, we Americans have grown lazy, too comfortable in our lives and too confident in our life-style, Like the Romans we now seek to maintain our Political and Economic Status Que, while others seek to advance theirs, while others seek not only to equal us but surpass us, Rome fell first from within because they also became lazy, because they also sought to maintain the Conservative philosophy presented by the maintaining of the Statue Que.

"I think we did it because you Americans would say it is satirical."
Wong Wei

T was done as a tribute to the USA , to the nation which was once upon a time the premier Technological and Economical power on Earth ! NOW Thanks to the shortsighted Republicans and its citizens who have embraced the Conservative agenda in all areas, we have slipped to become a third rate nation. 30 years ago China was no more then rural state, whose farmers still tilled the ground with physical labor. NOW, It will be China which will benefit from the technological advances and spin-of which their space program will create..
When we had an active space program, every dollar spent generated $7 dollars in our economy, this does not of course include spin-off technology now common in almost every US household,nor Medical spin-off technology.
Again thanks to the stupidity of the Republicans and the Conservative agenda, Yes by all mean let us continue to embrace the "Status Quo".

Well of course Chinese broadcasters are going to play it, China's space program is based in part on stolen American technology. However, to be fair, I think it would also be appropriate to play a Russian tune as well.
The Chinese are saying "This rocket could be carrying multiple nuclear war heads, landing on America the beautiful and making it less so, just not this time."
中国人的意思是:“这火箭可以携带多弹头核弹,落在美国,很漂亮,只是这次没有(核弹)所以不是那么漂亮。”【译注:文中包含了曲名,america the beautiful】
Probably because it is technology developed in the USA and sold/given to them by either Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton... They at least acknowledged the inventer and developer.
Every human being must listen this message.
get organise and prepare our future in this lovely universe
dr tan tjiauw liat
tan tjiauw liat博士【译注:越南人?】

Keep buying walmart you communist china lover's!!!!!
Wake up people it's a spy satellite!
Keep buying item's made in china!!!!!!!!

All china space program is not made by chinese at all. So it should not play chinese song either. At least this time china shows a little honest.
When they stole all the tech. from us they accidently got the song on the cd rom.           
"From shining sea to shining sea. America (substitute America with China)! China. China. The Beautiful!...." Do you get the clue now? And from China into space. Are you ready for Chinese Rise?
Watch out neighbors and the world. Here We come! We will devour everything. Including your babies.

 Look, NO offense to Chinese music, but it's pretty repetitive and mundane. You can only do so much with 5 notes. (reference to pentatonic scale) And America the Beautiful is a nice tune.
So NO, it's not an accident, but not sinister either.

It was designed to be a slap to the face of Americans. Everyone knows that China is the only real threat we have to world domination.
Surly no one believes this is an accident? They have their sights set on making America the Beautiful a colony called Chinemerica. They need a new place that is not spoiled by pollution, and somewhere less crowded to resettle their billions of people. What will happen to you and me? I don't think you really want to know.

Because we probably paid for this launch of stolen USA technology....which at this date we probably couldn't duplicate。
i love that song..
"why the station ran the music to "America the Beautiful" during the gala live broadcast of the country's latest space launch."
They bought so much of our debt they practicaly【拼写错误】 own us. Plus they received a lot of computer technology from us from Dell and Gateway building their computers there.

Chinese sarcasm
Funny how the Americans think the Chinese stole tech from them. The Chinese actually received help from the Russians and a lot of their designs are upgrades and modifications of Russian tech. Stupid yanks, don't think so highly of yourself.
Obviously it was a tribute to the country that they stole their space technology from.
You guys are all clueless. Yahoo only gives you part of the story then all of you make up the rest and assume. Go find the real details of whats going on with the China space station and you will learn why they played the song.
China has been trying for a very long time to be part of the International space station but, they were declined numerous times because of the U.S objections. So, now China decided to go 100% on it's own under complete secrecy. From the whole way it played out it sounds like they played the music to throw it in the U.S face which is pretty funny.
We hacked the broadcast you ninnies! Just a nice middle finger to the loser commies... haha! so cool...
It's obviously a little bit of tongue in cheek towards NASA, if somebody knows it is an American song, especially if patriotic for America. It means to me: "America, we are leading the pack from here, see you later!" (If not, then American music has so pervaded the Earth, folks are really not aware of its origins.)
But, it is only temporary. Once private American companies take passengers into space, it will be like the't subsidized the laying of tracks (NASA), but then private industry built the trains. The American population expanded on it from there. I think America will lead the pack again soon, but in a way Americans are not used to, but can enjoy.
这是临时的,一旦美国的私人公司像载乘客一样把人送入太空,这将会像铁路一样…政府补贴修建轨道(nasa) 尔后私人企业建造列车。美国人口将在那增长。我想美国会很快再次走在前沿,在某种程度上美国人可能不适应,但这是可以享受的(科技)。
How on earth is this an insult to America? This is about equivalent to the Chinese national anthem being played by the Americans at Cape Canaveral during a NASA launch.
Its because our money is paying the cost of this launch and their planned space station....usa is stupid....
Signs of things that may come to the weak.
They played the song to show that are the new America, in technology, military, and economic influence.
Chinese are trying to be like us. Even if they hate us, they wanna be us. lol. Jk
It's obvious and in bad taste. Americans paid for it!!!
Maybe it was just a subtle hint for the white American racists to enjoy their delusions while they can.
Now that is really odd. I would expect a communist sing-along or some revolutionary songs...Just plain odd.
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